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Windbell ATGs

We are the professional manufacturer for Windbell brand Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG).

Windbell ATGs have approved by national Weight & Measure bureau and Explosion proof authority, and passed ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000 environment system in 2006. From the new product research and Development, production to sales and service, all the operation abide by the system strictly. To ensure the high quality, Windbell set up quality control system and facilities such as high-low temperature testing lab, vibration plat, electric magnet resistance machine, raster measurement adjusting work plat etc.

With rich experience in the design, production, sales, training and service, 3000 sets production per year, we have established deeply cooperation relation with major clients in China, we are the strong supporter for future users. Our automatic tank gauge (ATG) are accepted by more and more users, over 10,000 Windbells Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) have used in China and all over the world. Windbell now is a increasingly important professional manufacturer and supplier in the market.

Automatic tank gauge (ATG) is composed of SS or SM series console/Controller and SP serial magnetostrictive probe. This is a multi-functions monitoring system which mainly used in petrol station, it monitors and manages delivery,sales&stock and alarm of oil tank base on real-time measuring tank oil level, oil capacity, water level and temperature accurately.

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) are used by many Major Oil Companies and Independent marketers, who are alike to improve daily Wet stock variance through the accuracy and integration offered by Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG).

Windbells Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) will always here to help you easily reach the target. With automatic tank gauge (ATG), accurate measurement data ensures monitoring quality and greatly improve the efficiency. Beside this, Windbells automatic tank gauge (ATG) keeps an eye on tank safety, too. Audible and visible alarm for oil high high, oil low low, temperature high or low, etc. greatly protect tank against inpending-overfill and oil shortage.

Whatever and whenever you want oil level, water level, oil capacity, stock, delivery and staff shift information.

Windbells Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) persistent improve Efficiency and Safety at Fuel storage for gas tation.