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Fuel Management System

◆ Fuel Management System

    Dispenser and tank monitoring at real-time, tank gauge supported
    Starting & stopping the dispensers, preset fueling supported
    Check out processing, supporting various payment mode such as cash, bank card, oil coupon,
        loyalty card etc. online and offline
    Sales records management, supporting the registeration.
    Price can be changed by product or by individual nozzle, which can be changed more than once
       within one shift.
    Product delivery, sales and storage management.
    Tank monitored at real-time without interfacing tank gauge.
    High efficient shift change
    Accountings for operator sales
    Various reports including shift report, daily report and period report can be produced for analysis
       of operation.
    All queries and reports are WYSWYG (what you see is what you get), and excel documents can
       be exported.
    Short messages of operation reports and warning message of tank
    Storage could be sent to the mobile phone of the head of station.
    Communication controller provides function of sound alarm for delivery overflow and shortage of
        tank at real time
    The management system can be self maintained to keep the routine running performance

System configuration
Management software
Communication controller
Desktop printer
Receipt printer