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Intelligent-control protection box for submersible pump

◆ Intelligent-control protection box for submersible pump

ICP Box is the brief name of Intelligent Control Protection box.

It works with smart console SS160 or SM controller (with PC remote). ICP box is installed in the connection circuit between Submersible pump and its control cabinet, important, ICP box connects to console or controller of ATGs.

Why need ICP box?
Commonly, water will intrusion underground tanks during using, when water too much in tank, cars come into station to filling, there possibly to fill water into car oil tank.

To protect against this case, ICP box is small but helpful.

Previous set water high alarm value in ATG system, this value not more than the distance from submersible pump lower bottom to tank bottom, when water in tank reaches alarm value, ATG will alarming, ICP box will automatically disconnect the circuit of submersible pump to protect the equipments and cars.

Best protection only is pre-detection.