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What tank level gauge consists of?
1726 times      [ 2016-03-30 ]

Tank leve gauge now is widely used at petrol station and oil depot, the most common type is magnetostrictive probe. High accuracy and working reliable, economic price make it stand out from other types. The remarkable features of magnetositrctive probe is that it have two floaters, one for oil product, another for product/water interface, so to realize monitoring two levels variation in signle probe, cost-save! There are 5 temperature sensors even distributed in the valid probe rod. Does the probe can working standalone? Abviously not, because user needs to SEE the tank data and need more reports on storage tank's variation, alarm for overfill or leakage, how? Two solutions for choice. First one is also the classic one, user need a tank gauge smart console, which communicates with magnetostrictive probe, display the oil product level, water level, volume and temperature on the full color touch screen, support shift duties, reports of inventory, delivery, shift , alarm and leakage, support TCP/TP, message, external printer, submersible pump console. There several models for choice, SS160Plus tank gauge console, SS180 tank gauge smart console, SS130 console. Second one is that SP300 magnetostrictive probe communicates with PC software, so the PC is like the monitor.