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Frontal technology

Historically, the basic principle of all magnetostrictive level measurement systems dates back into the past Century, the study of electromagnetism revealed physical phenomena which are partly used by the measurement method presented in this description and implemented in a high-accuracy position sensor for use in industrial applications. The main theory based on Wiedeman effect, Viuary effect and Ultrasonic effect of intelligence material.

Beside smart console, the key parts of level measurement system is Magnetostrictive probe. Magnetostrictive probe is mainly consist of 2 floats that moves up and down a rod. The float contains a permanent magnet, and the stem houses a wire waveguide through which an electrical pulse is sent, The float position is measured as the sensor sends an electrical pulse, called an interrogation pulse, down the stem through the wire waveguide made of ferromagnetic material. When the electrical interrogation pulse reaches the float, the two magnetic fields caused by the electricity in the wire and the magnet in the float produce a vibration in the wire waveguide. This vibration, called a strain pulse, travels back to the sensor at a known speed.

By measuring the time delay between the electrical interrogation pulse and resulting strain pulse, the distance to the float can be determined with a high degree of accuracy.

This provides a form of continuous level measurement as the sensor sends a pulse down the waveguide several times a second. Dual level measurement is also an option, where the location of two floats is determined. This is especially useful when measuring the interface between two liquids such as oil and water.
Magnetostrictive level sensors provide a high degree of repeatability, and are our most accurate liquid level measurement solution, with a resolution of about 0.1 mm.